Morbidly Beautiful review: “…Blood of the Tribades is a beautifully filmed and thought provoking commentary on the dangers of tradition and the constraints of gender roles…Directors Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola created a mind-blowing theatrical world with breathtaking visuals.”

Scream Magazine review: “Blood of the Tribades is both a pretty and fun piece of offbeat melodrama, and an enraged feminist statement… As in our world, the men are mostly too short-sighted to see that the very position of privilege afforded to them by their gender is what restricts them, binding them to their ingrained societal roles. The women on the other hand, must fight to break from the constraints applied to them by their male-led society. The film is a warning about those who endeavour to enforce and protect the tradition of male privilege.” READ MORE

Famous Monsters review: “The story BLOOD OF THE TRIBADES presents is refreshingly uncommon in today’s slasher/ghost/found footage saturated horror biz, featuring a unique, fully realized world unto its own—a world populated by vampires that roam forests and ruins, with nary a non-vamp in sight, and as mentioned above, one with its own hierarchy and class system in place. Besides the immersive mythology of the piece, the impressive array of locales—many absolutely gorgeous—on display in this film is astounding…” READ MORE – “Frightful Five” interview in The Outre Eye of Daniel XIII‘s column on Famous Monsters of Filmland!

The Cinema Files review: “The story ‘Blood Of The Tribades’ tells is somewhat complex but is certainly not complicated. ‘Tribades’ takes on today’s stormy political climate, religious zealotry and gender issues, and incorporates them into a sexy medieval vampire movie 12764487_234267536916924_3119354447290166069_othat not only adds relevancy to the story, but presents it all in an extreme, absurd theatre of the bizarre.” READ MORE

Under the Gun Review: “…the movie is so damn fun. It takes great pleasure in playing with genre tropes and elevating religious fervor past the point of subtle.” READ MORE

Dread Central: “Blood of the Tribades is a superbly atmospheric and stylistic nod…” READ MORE

Film Thrills: “…a lush, atmospheric and downright beautiful work that manages to evoke the past while bringing a modern, strong feminist message to the film…From the architectural beauty of crumbling stone mansions awash in a blood red sunset to sweeping to the breathtaking splendor of waterfalls blanketed in deep greens, red and blues, Blood of the Tribades builds a fully realized and gorgeous natural world.” READ MORE


Nerdly: “Cacciola and Epstein have a real love and deep knowledge of 70s Euro-horror; and it’s that passion which shines through each and every cell of this movie” – READ MORE